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A Country in Crisis

Venezuela is a crisis-stricken nation with ongoing complications for the production and delivery of food.

Bringing Maná

As we visit communities and bring the word of God, we cannot be indifferent to the hunger that it is spiking among the families and especially their children.  God has shown us the need and we have been called to assist and provide at least a meal a day in our Maná Kitchens in Isla de Coche, Achipano, Valencia, and Sucre.

Vision in Faith

With God's provision, four kitchens have been opened in the communities of Isla de Coche, Achipano, Valencia, and Sucre.  More than 60 people a day receive a warm meal at one of our kitchens with too many still going hungry.

Bringing Hope that is Real

Join us in prayer and support as we continue our mission to provide a meal and most importantly to feed their hearts with the hope that the Word of God gives each one of us, disciple new believers and plant churches in each community. Sponsor a Child supporting our calling to feed the children physically and espiritually.

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